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Navigare is a life style fashion Brand born in Italy in 1961. Sportswear & leisure, elegant with comfort high quality and fair prices. The brand, thanks to its distinct design, has become over the years a point of reference for the Italian menswear market segment.

Navigare proposes the perfect balance between innovation and italian heritage. Our collections display not only a well defined identity, but also a synthesis between contemporary aesthetics and attention to details and quality.

Sailing is an attitude, an approach to life. Sailing means courage, spirit of adventure, respect for people and the environment.

Our creations are designed for a dynamic man who wants to highlight his personality with elegance without sacrificing comfort. Navigare offers a total look suitable for any occasion.

The Navigare style is an expression of our Italian heritage and our strong connection to the sea.

We recognise the value of the work done by the people in our supply chain and the importance of knowing where our products come from. We always work to ensure that the highest standards in terms of human and labour rights are respected.

Our goal is to create high quality products while remaining environmentally conscious. Producing clothes always has an ecological footprint and finding ecologically responsible materials it's just a part of our way of working sustainably. Compared to last year's collections, the use of synthetic fibres has been reduced and as many products as possible have been made from pure natural materials.

Per ridurre le emissioni di CO2, abbiamo deciso di limitare il trasporto aereo a favore di mezzi di trasporto più sostenibili con i nostri fornitori più vicini. Ci impegniamo a lavorare all’interno del Mediterraneo e a proteggerlo attraverso iniziative volte ad aumentare la tracciabilità e la trasparenza.

Navigare has always had a special relationship with the sea. That is why we support various initiatives to protect the ocean.

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